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So I drafted my first newsletter. I've done a load of them for other people but because its my first one for me I'm cautious so I'm going to wait till tomorrow to send it. The patreon page is all set too. If nothing else it will be an interesting experiment.

In other news I found out that a bunch of badges I sent to my mate Kaylene (talented printer) didn't show up so I guess I'll have to bloody send them again. I got mine from her, they're aces.


Prize entry is coming on, I've entered the SFSA in Deptford, 3 small pieces in a group show with 59 other people organised by 2nd Floor Studios and taking place in No Format Gallery, SE8. My application for the Beers London Open is in and I should find out in a couple of weeks.  Next I need two more high quality pics of work and I can apply to the Rise Art Prize.

My main rule for what to enter is:

  • a show I'd like to go to
  • not too bloody expensive
  • a show thats on for a fair amount of time
  • prizes that I'm interested in
  • something I think I have a chance in

There are at least 8 I know of so far. Beers is a fantastic gallery that I keep going back to, so that is very much an aspirational entry, Rise seems more attainable and I nearly entered last year. I'd feel grateful and honoured to be a part of any of the competitions I've entered and I guess thats a thing I look out for too!

I'm not that informed about Bristol yet, but I'd like to be in a few art trails next year and I reckon that will mean meeting loads of like minded people and be fun too, so that would be great!

Anyway, not enough hours in the day, bedtime and all that and a full day tomorrow, night!