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artist's practise

I mainly work in paint or ink, with some sketches and some print. My work is a response to my urban surroundings that will take the form of:

•painted landscapes or studies - favourite subjects are shop fronts or signage

•recreating or appropriating signs and other elements of the urban landscape for presentation in an exhibition setting

•leaving art pieces in the urban setting; free art drops, stickers and other works that interact with or change the outside world, art that is accessible to everyone

Current themes are regeneration/gentrification, power and being a part of your urban environment, loss and nostalgia and general record making. Exploring these ideas as I explore print further has lead to reproducing images of my local environment as expressed in depictions of local high street shops, past and present, given the form of a  classic souvenir - t-shirts, tea towels, erasers, carrier bags, tote bags and so on. I also produce these images as more traditional hand pulled prints on paper.

Work generally starts as sketches and photographs executed on site, with finished paintings completed in the studio, generally using a mix of acrylic, acrylic ink, PVA glue and house paint. I particularly like the quick drying nature of these media and working in layers.

Influences include elements of abstract expressionism and impressionism, pop art and graphic art; comics and typography particularly. I also follow developments in street art, in particular the movement sometimes referred to as 'brandalism'.

I want the work to make people look again at the everyday of urban life. To consider what is static and what is changing and what influences these changes. That there are different sides to public space in cities and that these spaces belong to us all. 

My belief is that art is for the people.