why not?


Celebrating public art and Penge.

introduction to PSA

I love all kinds of art. I particularly like art that is free. Theres no entry charge, no one decides if you can see it or not, its there for all to see.

This blog started out as me expressing this idea - 'art for all' in many different ways, and now a large part of it is chronicling the growing Spray Exhibition 20 project conceived by Steve at London Calling Blog. If you've seen any recent street art in Penge, theres a good chance he had something to do with it, whether it was securing permission from the wall owner or priming the shutter and taping it up ready, to holding the bottom of the ladder and lugging paint around, so big thanks to him and all his collaborators. 

He's not the only person who has helped shape this: there are old skool local graffiti writers turned community youth workers like Mr Cenz, Aero and Tizer, and there are others who have done stuff off their own backs like Dope, The Penge Stickerbomber or Epod 3000 and those who have organised similar outdoor galleries like Rise gallery in Croydon or Ingrid Beazley and those who worked with her in Dulwich and they too are thanked and featured.

I think the growth of public art can only be a good thing.

It certainly means Penge is a little brighter than when I grew up here, and that I think is a good thing too.